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Web Design

"You are so good at your job...Thank you for paying attention to all the details and caring about what we wanted."
- Melody Khalighi, DCS Engineering, Austin, TX

You need web design? We eat web design for breakfast...With a healthy dose of coffee, of course. Sorry. We do not do anything without coffee in the morning.

"First off, THANKS!...Our new site is wonderful, and we have had SOOO many compliments." - Jeff W. Saunders, Thompson-Arthur


Philly Puddy Designs' approach to web design: Think of a website as a blind date. You never know who is going to show up, but if there is a possibility you might want to see them again, you'd better make a good first impression.

A website is the virtual store front for your business or independent enterprise. We take that seriously. You should, too. We consider usability, longevity, and overall experience. If you look good, so do we.

Custom Websites

We build custom, responsive HTML5 websites which are SEO-friendly and classic, yet creative, in layout.

screen capture of DCS Engineering hand-coded website

screen capture of Titaya's Thai Cuisine hand-coded website

screen capture of Dagar's Catering hand-coded website

screen capture of DNA Events hand-coded website

Wordpress Templates

screen capture of Archstone Distribution

screen capture of Tombstone Distribution

screen capture of EDI Building Consultants

screen capture of Commercial Retail Group

screen capture of 18 Wheel Express

screen capture of Thompson-Arthur website

screen capture of Capital Furniture website in Houston, TX