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Branding - Logos - Print - Photography

Philly Puddy Designs does visual branding for Austin's (aka: The ATX) small to medium sized businesses and beyond! We do logos, print layouts, photography, whatever, to keep any company's branding fresh and it's quality consistent.

However, as traditional forms of advertising are dying, we encourage clients to utilize these forms of traditional branding to really focus on who they are, differentiating themselves from big names. Today, it is not only ok to be different, but different actually wins the race. Our job is to encourage people to show the personality of their company culture, appealing to their niche rather than the masses. True brand loyalty is about who people relate to these days rather than if your company can compete with established brands. Being different and offering unique services are what stand out, so do not be afraid to show you are the alternative to the status quo.


With us, you never have to start the search over for a quality creative team again. Philly Puddy Designs delivers consistent quality visual designs for every branding and marketing need all in one place that is affordable with no outsourcing!