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Animation & Video Production

"WOW! is my first impression...This is looking fantastic!"
- Rachel Dawn Hayes, Lo Scopo LLC, Austin, TX

If web design is what we eat for breakfast, then video and motion graphics are what we eat for lunch and dinner. Don't have your company listed on the hit list of YouTube's worst corporate videos...Talk to us. Let's talk about ideas you might not have thought were possible at an affordable cost.

At Philly Puddy Designs, we know today's consumer is tech-savvy. They expect much more from a company than just being online. They want to see it in action with video and animation. To see the most extensive collection of our video work, visit us @ PhillyPuddyDesigns or the P3 Full Production Page.

"David is a great listener and was very responsive throughout the process. Phil's technical expertise is outstanding, and his creative input was invaluable...I highly recommend!"
- Claudia Bernhardt, Sachem Chemical, Austin, TX


This was a video made for a company in Dallas, TX, which builds in-home theaters.

Terrain Solutions Inc.:
Company overview video for a civil engineering firm in Houston.

The Lost Cause Time Lapse:
This was a video made on location for a movie. A graffiti artist known as "The Lost Cause" was commissioned to paint an image of a clown for the movie.

Marvel Industrial Coatings:
Company overview video for an industrial coating chemical company in Houston.

Dragoween 2016:
This is video of a live stage production we were hired to cover. It was performed in Austin, TX in October, 2016. This is live unedited footage from just one camera to show the quality we can get from a live stage performance even in low light.

LifeBorne Overview:
Although we are resistant to showing this video, as we had no control over the editing of it, we do want to show what video can look like when we have total control of an environment artistically. The lighting, the backdrop, and the video itself were all Philly Puddy Designs, yet please forgive how long these scenes drag out...Because they do. This can also be used as a cautionary tale as to why clients should let the professionalsdo what they are hired to do.


Halstrom Academy:
Animated overview of Halstrom Academy's Summer School program based in California.

Halstrom Academy:
The follow up to the Halstrom Summer School program, another animated overview highlighting Halstrom Academy's Fall/Spring School program based in California.

Product Animation:
Animated product overview for a company. All info is the right of the company.

Sachem Chemical Company:
Company overview for a global chemical company out of Germany.


Philly Puddy Designs:
Of course we had to make an overview for ourselves, right?

"Things That Go Bump In The Night"
Animation for Halloween, 2011.

"This Time Of Year"
Animation for the Holiday Season.

Production Aresenal:

Three (3) HD DSLR cameras (Canon & Nikon)
GoPro Hero2+ Silver Camera for POV/action shots.
Soft box lighting & Digital LED light panels.
10' X 20' chromakey backdrop
Steadicam capabilities.
Lavalier/Boom/Studio mics [stereo & mono]
Experienced in video production & film editing since the year 2002.

For large-scale production work, like movies and stuff, visit our full-scale production page: